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We regularly post here some relevant applications that we have made.


One of our customer’s cooling tower fan was no longer fixed properly.

We removed the old concrete, cleaned the surface and prepared a new perfectly flat epoxy resin surface. New anchors were installed to mount the fan reduction gearbox. The ventilator was then secured in place and quickly returned to service.

We repair and improve the foundations of your equipment and keep the machine in place.

Sebastien's hiring

We welcome Sébastien de Cock to join our team as leader of the ISSG engineering team.

Sebastien will have to help our customers in order to improve the reliability of their industrial equipment, pumps, mechanical seals, compressors, foundations, anchors, vibration problems, etc…

Sébastien is a Civil Engineer of constructions from UCLouvain – Université catholique de Louvain.

Don’t hesitate to contact sébastien.

Improving the reliability of rotary seals

Katoen Natie challenges us to improve the rotating seal reliability of their powder blenders. The current lip seal leaks a lot and wears out the shaft. After each badge of production, they have to clean the seal with hot water in order to avoid contamination between two different badges.

We proposed them an Inpro-Seal Air Mizer with a nitrogen flush 1 bar over the internal pressure. This solution is now running since more than 5 years ago. No more leakage, no shaft wearing and no need to clean between each badge.

The customer saves a lot of money and improves his production’s quality and reliability. Since then, they’ve ordered other Air Mizers as well also with ATEX certification.

Supply of mechanical seals

We are proud to supply Mechanical Seal Chesterton 155 Dry Running to Pfizer Puurs. Pfizer is producing the vaccine to protect us against COVID-19.

Our dry running mechanical seal is placed at the top entry of the reactor.

Those seals are made for pharmaceutical application and run dry without any lubrication which eliminate the risk for contamination of the production batch.

Lowick's hiring

We welcome Lowick Verellen to join our team as Technical Specialist for ISSG.

Lowick will have to help our customers in Flanders in order to improve the reliability of their industrial equipment, pumps, valves, compressor, cylinders, etc…

He will also propose you our service of pump maintenance & improvement and industrial grouting & foundation repair.

Lowick has an Electromechanical Bachelor from Artesis Plantijn Antwerpen.

Don’t hesitate to contact him.

Foundation repair

A large Petrochemicals Cy located in Antwerp had a problem of foundation and anchor bolt of its Dresser Rand (Siemens) Compressor.

The Customer had 2 choices, or he had to dismantling the whole compressor (35 tons) and rebuild the concrete, or he could use a modern technique by removing the old concrete, align perfectly the compressor and grout the space with Epoxy Resin + charge without removing the compressor. The customer chose the second solution.

We did the complete job as well as the engineering much faster and cheaper than the other option. We repair and improve the foundation of your equipment while keeping the machine in place.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Happy New Year 2021

Our ISSG team wishes you a Happy New Year’s to you and your loved ones.

We hope for a great year 2021 which will allow you to reunite with your families, friends and all those you love.

Take advantage of these moments of celebration and let’s meet again in 2021.